Its a new day, a new year…

Making a start with my New Years resolution (only 3 days late). To start a blog. To become a vegetarian. To write a book – one day. To learn new things. Listen more. To write something real and tangible for women, that they will hopefully resonate with.

I am on my way to achieving my first goal, by writing this. I had a goats cheese tart for dinner, so effectively i am on my way to my second goal and I’ve been saying i’ll write a book for three years now and never got further than thinking “I should write a book”. So some work to do there.

I guess i should introduce myself to anyone who wants to read this blog in the near future. Im Elle. I’m 30 and neither engaged, married or a parent. But I am 3 years happy with my Durham boy. My life really isn’t particularly interesting, in fact its pretty standard. But I do like to think that might be of interest to some people. So many books and blogs i read  are about women so caught up about family life, children, Facebook and the big debate of 2014 – Lidl V Tesco.

I want to write about my everyday worries and anxieties which irrationally consume my life. If my mum calls to say a letter has arrived for me, I naturally think the worst and assume I will die. The fact that I haven’t lived at home at my mums for ten years does not seem to come in to my decision making on death.

My friends and their friends live a life ONLY comparable to Jeremy Kyle meets 90210 meets Jeremy Beadle meets Stars in their Eyes and more recently meets Judge Rinder. These gorgeous characters, will most definitely, be worth writing about. To provide a teaser –

One good friend recently found out her long term boyfriend. American. Not Psycho. Was not only cheating on her but keeping a spreadsheet of all his conquests, inclusive of formulae to keep track of the girls ethnicities. Maybe psycho?

I have a Gay Best Friend (GBF). I work with a super bitch who makes my heart skip three beats when she asks what I’m doing for lunch. I have a blind dog who also happens to be a pug. He’s nine in March. I climbed Mt Kilimanjaro last year after raising £9000 for a Children’s Charity. I can cook good roast potatoes. I dislike other women and men who think you are not capable of achieving anything and everything. I’ll be the judge of that. Thank you.

So theres a start…. how about i promise to post one hundred posts by this time next year. Gossip. Boys. Girls. Citylife. Reviews. Complaints. Achievements.

I really would like to learn to write effectively and to engage an audience so any hints, tip and constructive criticism will be greatly received and responded too.


I just made that acronym up. Im gonna roll with it.



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